A Luxe Valentine’s Night in

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Night in must-haves: Bollinger Champagne // Marie Antoinette 23ct Gold Chocolate Bar  // UGG Slippers // The Universe of Us // Pink LSA flutes // LSA Vase  (in the sale)// Planner // Silk pjs // Pink Velvet Cushions // Pink Throw // *Vera Wang Tea Light holders 

Hello hello, so with Valentine’s day only a couple of days away, I wanted to whip up a quick post to inspire a little self-care. This is basically a little list of cosy night in essentials that make me very happy. Not much planned for V Day? Why not plan in some R & R? If you are going to be your own Valentine this year, this post has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate luxe night in.

Bubbles: Pop open the Bolly daaarling and bring out the best flutes. What are we celebrating? Yourself of course! I’ve very good at finding an excuse to open a bottle of champagne, in fact, I’d say it’s my most honed skill. Bubbles go perfectly with a relaxing soak. I do this when I go to hotels but there’s no reason why you can’t do it at home! Run a bath, light the good candles, use the posh bath salts, drizzle in some essential oils, slather on the most indulgent face mask you can find, grab the macaroons and put on your favourite chill-out tunes. I dare you to find a better chill out zone.

Blooms: There’s something so simple yet indulgent about buying yourself flowers and I’m obsessed with finding the perfect size vase. I actually have a short one with a heart-shaped rim that my Mum bought me and I always fill it with pink roses on Valentines week.  Nothing lifts my mood like a fresh bunch of flowers and it’s always nice to have something pretty to look at when I’m working at home. Sometimes just a few key home accessories are all you need to transform your home into a relaxing haven.

Be Present: It’s so easy to use Valentines as an excuse to throw in a microwave meal and mindless watch TV. If you’re spending Valentines alone and there’s nothing special you want to watch, take the opportunity to set some romantic intentions, write them down in a journal and use the law of attraction to seek out your soulmate. He’s out there somewhere ladies. *Visualises Thor*

Devour a good book: Why not catch up on some reading? I’ve bought the most amazing book and I’m craving a quiet night in to devour it. It’s online here if you want to add it to your reading list. I’ve never been into poetry much but writing doesn’t get much more beautiful than this. If you like astrology, the moon or romantic poetry, this is for you. Put on your silk PJs, your cosiest slippers and wrap up warm in a plush throw. Content doesn’t cut it.

Reach Out: Just because you are spending the night alone doesn’t mean you have to sit in solitude. Give your best friend a call, skype with a fellow singleton overseas or have a catch up with your mum. Or put pen to paper and use that fancy writing paper you bought decades ago because you were going to learn calligraphy/find a pen pal/write that friend that moved abroad. Write a letter to your bestie, catch up on your favourite blogs or binge watch your guilty pleasure on Netflix. Vanderpump Rules anyone?

Ok, so no night in is complete without snacks. Right? Posh chocolate is a must. Popcorn. The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with the salted caramel core. Or this edible gold chocolate bar I just found on Pinterest. Eat the whole bar with wild abandon. There’s no one home to judge.

How are you spending Valentines?
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