Valentines Gifting 101: The Gold Edit

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If you’re already sick of the sight of gaudy red hearts and pink roses, but you are still very much in the market when it comes to presenting those you love most with a gift that says I love you more than chips, Tada! I’ve got you covered. Here’s a little run down of my top 12 gold gifts. The best part about these gifts is they are mostly unisex so they are also a little gift for you!

  1. Limited edition Gold Moet Champagne – The perfect way to celebrate
  2. Gold Leather Phone Case – Get matching ones for extra points
  3. Single Malt Scotch – A luxe tipple for the liquor lover
  4. Gold FitBit – How fancy is this FitBit cover? It basically means you can wear your fit bit out at night and not feel like you are wearing a gym accessory. Maximum boyfriend points.
  5. Gold Bluetooth speaker – The perfect gift for music lovers.
  6. 24 karat edible gold chocolate hearts by Zchocolat – The ultimate luxury (one for you one for me).
  7. Stainless Steel Gold Bottle – For the gym bunny
  8. Gold Cutlery – For when she is playing host.
  9. Creed Millesime Imperial Eau De Parfum – Unisex. So you can steal a spray.
  10. Beats By Dre – Wireless headphones that will look just as good on you as they will on her.
  11. Fornasetti Candle – Something for the bedroom.
  12. Gold Roses – Because what girl doesn’t want gold roses?

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