The Luxury Activewear Edit

Does anyone else get really excited about buying new gym gear? Now that I work at home, I practically live in my gym kit and so what better excuse to go shopping? These days I wear activewear to run errands, to get my hair done and even to the supermarket. If you’ve dragged your ass to the gym this week, well done! It’s Friday and I’ve got managed to get not one but three sessions ticked off *smug face* Here’s a little post all about the new fitness brands I’ve discovered this month and the pieces I need in my life. 
1) The Upside Andie Performance Bra: I’ve always been envious of those people who can wear sports bras to the gym without having to cover them with boring tops and I’ve found the perfect one to add to my sports bra collection in case I ever dare to bare. However, it is £82 so I may have to re-mortgage my home first.
2) Beats by Dre Solo2 Headphones: Because if you are going to spend £200 on a pair of headphones, it should be this shiny black and grey pair. Oh and they also come in white and rose gold.
3) Fit Bit: Oh I love a gadget especially one that tells me how many calories I’m burning off. Do I take the leap?
4) S’well The Exotics Water bottle: Ooh! A crocodile print water bottle. NEED.
5) Will Sweat for Champagne Tank: I mean who doesn’t need this in their life? Get one for yourself and a matching one for your partner in (wine) crime. I’m putting it on my Christmas list. (Too early for the C word?)
6) Max Lami Snapback: This cap fits in with my black and grey activewear collection perfectly and is great for those days when you just want tothrow something on and go. Protect your face from the sun in style with this cool cap or use it as a disguise when running outdoors. Why is it you never see anyone you know when you are looking your best but as soon as you go for a run you see 7859 people you would rather avoid?
7) Track and Bliss Performance Bra:  If you’re blessed with big boobs, you might find all of the pretty ones are a little too flimsy but I’ve finally found one that is stylish and substantial. It’s slightly more affordable than the shiny black one and it has a padded under boob section. *applauds*
8) Adidas by Stella McCartney Mesh Trainers: It’s been about a year since I bought my last pair of trainers and it’s time for an upgrade. My current pair don’t give me as much comfort as I’d like (especially since my dog ate the insoles) but these Adidas by Stella ones have a Boost midsole that compresses and returns to form with every step. SO. MUCH. YES.
9)Charlotte Olympia Puuuurfect Gym Bag: Quite frankly I’ve never seen a cuter gym bag in my life. Is this a bad time to mention there is only one left in stock? Race you there!
10) Track & Bliss Cropped Leggings: I just love these leggings and they remind me of the Lucas Hugh ones that are about one million pounds. These are waaaaaay more affordable and they very much have a super hero vibe.

Which is your favourite piece?


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