The Updated Bucket List: Securing Your Dream House and More

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At some point each day I hear someone say, ‘oh I wish I could do this, go there, buy that or afford this’. NEWS FLASH. You can! You just need to put a plan in place. My blog has always been a place to rave about my favourite things to do and places to stay, but it’s also a great platform for reflection and advice and sometimes it’s nice to stop and take a look at the things I’ve achieved. I’m always setting new goals for myself, but it’s not often that I actually check back up on my progress and re-evaluate the list. Back in 2013 I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to do and achieve and buying a house that I loved was right at the top. Fast forward four years and I’m living in the house that I love with new property goals and aspirations. So how do you go about achieving these goals? Here are my tips to help you finally tick off some of those items on your bucket list. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to create a bucket list of your own or even dust off an old one. You can read my updated bucket list at the end of this post.

So, the first step is to get some ideas down on paper. Be specific. It’s amazing how quickly your priorities change in a year, if you look at my bucket list from a few years ago, my goals were mostly travel based whereas now, my goals are more skills based. I’m very very good at writing lists but I’m guilty of wanting all of these things and never actually putting in the work to achieve them.


Dedicate some time to your goals each day. Don’t let that to do list gather dust. Once I’ve ticked off my writing tasks for the day, I’ll turn my attention to one of the things on my bucket list. For example, one of my new goals is to invest in a property. I’ve bookmarked tons of property related websites to browse on an evening so that I have more chance of pinning down a potential rental property that fits my requirements. Strutt and Parker is one of my favourites that I have bookmarked and this way I know what is out there and browsing dream houses online motivates me to keep saving and taking steps to achieving my property goals.

Make a Plan 

Yes, we would all like to purchase the house of our dreams but how are we going to do it? So, you’ve found the area you want to live and the type of house you want to live in. The next step is to know exactly how much you need to save in order to put down a deposit. From here, you can decide how much you need to put aside each week to achieve your goal. Finding a spare 25,000 for a deposit may seem daunting, so we bury our head in the sand and in a year’s time we are still in the same position. By breaking it down into affordable chunks you can ensure that in a further 12 months you are one step closer to your goal. Investing in a buy to let property is only one of things I want to achieve in the next few years. Some are realistic some aren’t but don’t discount anything and remember to have fun with your list. Comment with links to your bucket lists if you have them, these are my favourite posts to read. I’m genuinely shocked at how many of the things I’ve ticked off my old list. Going to the Bahamas was an absolute dream as was going to New York and if anything a bucket list gives you the incentive you need to book that trip or put money away for it.


1) Write a book – I know, I know. I have started so many times but it turns out writing a book is hard.

2) Watch the Sunset in every state in America – I’m obsessed with the USA and I want to see every inch of it. Preferably with a cocktail in hand.

3) Go on a writing retreat – I’ve done my research and I’m almost ready to book my dream writer’s retreat! Eeeek!

4) Invest in a holiday home – After staying in the cutest airbnb holiday cottage this is now a new goal.

5) Lose a stone – If only I could stop eating cake.

6) Run a half marathon

7) Go to St Barths with my Mum – My Mum turns 70 next year and this is how we plan to celebrate.

8) Stay in a luxury ski chalet – Ideally Richard Branson’s. Too Much?

9) Learn a language – Because ordering a cheese sandwich is so much sexier in French.

10) Learn to cook – Because my husband is bored of beans on toast.

11) Throw a dinner party

12) Learn to dance

13) Learn to play golf – Because no one would expect this.

14) Learn to surf in Hawaii – Because who wouldn’t want to do this?

15) Volunteer Abroad – Acts of kindness are my new favourite thing.

16) Audition to be a showgirl – I blame Vegas.

17) Go to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show – No explanation needed.

18) Spend a weekend on a yacht – I originally wrote own a yacht but that is maybe a little ambitious.

19) Visit the Playboy mansion – Fun fact. I was once invited but fell asleep in my hotel room and missed it.

20) Stay in a penthouse suite

21) Swim with dolphins

22) Bring in the New Year somewhere fabulous – A chalet, a villa, a treehouse.

23) Perfect one of my Grandma’s recipes

24) Visit Australia

25) Be in a music video

26) Own a book shop – Or buy a house with space for a library.

27) Go to the Grand Canyon

28) Go to a Masquerade ball

29) Attend a film premiere

30) Cook Christmas dinner

31) Visit Venice with my BFF

32) Have my own Iphone App

33) Learn to Sail

34) Take my auntie to NYC

35) See Beyonce live

36) Have a house picnic

37) Hike to the Hollywood Sign

38) Fly a plane – This was an impulsive additon.

39) Go to Wimbledon – I bought the perfect Wimbledon outfit last year and it’s begging to be worn courtside.

40) Fly alone – *scared face*

41) Go to Cornwall with friends

42) Go to Wrigley field

43) Meet the Editor of Vogue

44) Take my hat to Ascot – My hat was the price of a small car so it needs to go to more race meetings.

45) Go on a husky ride in Lapland – Brrrrrrrr.

46) Visit Cuba – Purely for the Instagram shots.

47) Learn how to ballet dance

48) Save More – actually save money for the future rather than a holiday fund.

49) Learn the art of a perfect sunday roast – I could live on homemade Yorkshire puddings.

50) Stay in The W Hotel Thailand – Or any W hotel for that matter.

*This post was written in collaboration with Strutt & Parker 

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