Getting my Shit Together Part 2

Good morning my lovely readers. Since I wrote part one of getting my shit together back in September I have to say it’s been a little hit and miss. I’ve successfully done my tax return all by myself (hit), rescued a bad spray tan situ by making my own body scrub armed with only the sand on Miami’s south beach and some of the hotel’s shower gel (resourceful no?) and successfully made it home from a Caribbean cruise. If, by successfully, you mean getting the drunkest I’ve ever been, throwing up on the side of a freeway in what can only be described as the sparkliest sequin playsuit ever created and having the taxi man rub my neck before abandoning his vehicle in an airport to run ahead and check in my suitcase so I didn’t miss the flight. Apparently 6 gin and prosecco cocktails and half a grilled cheese sandwich isn’t a recipe for having your shit together. Who knew?

So there’s been a few ups and downs. The downs have been pretty spectacular even for me, I’ll give you that.

There was the huge fandango that was booking plane tickets in my maiden name and going on my most expensive Ryan Air flight to date due to having to purchase an extra seat. A private jet would have been more cost effective. Oh not forgetting the legal torture technique that is trying to fit all of your holiday essentials into your hand luggage and then realising you actually get a 22 kilogram luggage allowance included with your flight. Don’t even get me started on the debacle that was me dropping my precious cheese sandwich on the runway in Morocco and then dropping my hat, sunglasses, bag and passport trying to retrieve it. Holidays are hard.

The good news is someone actually took the time to write a book called Get Your Shit Together this year and guess what? I read it!

Gather round.

The Magical Must Do List

So I love a to do list just as much as the next person but Sarah Knight has invented the must do list. There is nothing worse than going to bed when everything on your to do list is still nestled in your in-tray. But the reality of checking off all 6849 items on your to do list is slim to none. So what’s the answer? The magical must do list. Seperate all of the urgent things for that day and focus on that. If you take anything away from Sarah Knight’s epic book Getting your shit together it’s this.

Blogging Update

2017 has been very exciting in the blogosphere. I’ve been to some truly exciting blog events in the last couple of months and if you don’t follow me on Twitter (if you’re not, why not?) you may not know that I met David Gandy. DAVID GANDY. What a beautiful human. Yes he is just as magical in real life and yes I was sad he wasn’t wearing his trademark trunks.

So was my Mum.

Meeting David Gandy has always been on my to do list and I think Sarah Knight would be proud of me for ticking this one off.

To sum up. No one is perfect and if you did see me eating a Mars Ice cream en route to the gym last week or happened to be on the plane back from Miami and happen to see me stumble past in a haze of sequins, let it be said we are all human. Sometimes it’s no fun to adult and I fully recommend doing something childish. I watched my friend do the worm on a cruise ship to win a point at a scavenger hunt and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud. So what if she had to have a chiropractor on standby on the runway to assist her upon landing?


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