Seven Reasons to Get a Massage This Week

Good morning lovely readers, I hope you are feeling zen with a cup of tea in hand and are looking forward to the week ahead. If like me, you’re flapping around juggling numerous deadlines, feeling guilty over those things you failed to give up for lent or you’re regretting that new year’s resolution (are we still doing those?)  to not take naps because, well, adulting, I have news for you. GO AND GET A MASSAGE.

Yes, once I entered the freelance world, massages were relegated into the I don’t have money for that category. Massages along with eye wateringly expensive items from Charlotte Tilbury and absolutely anything Mulberry became an extravagant purchase that didn’t mesh well with an unpredictable income. However, a year in I realised that taking time for yourself shouldn’t be a luxury smooshed in with materialistic purchases. Here’s why..

Underneath those layers of towels and blankets you might just find your sanity…

You’ve whipped up a blog post, edited a Vlog, updated all of your social channels, replied to 36894 emails and it’s only 9am. As you clock off at 11pm you realise that all you have eaten is a kit kat and that cookie a brand sent you in the post and you flop into bed feeling more than a little frazzled. There was a time when my diet consisted of only the things that come through my letterbox with blogger mail and morsels I would be presented with at events. Yes, the cookie and cupcake diet was going strong for a while but neglecting your diet and exercise regime can lead to burnout. A massage forces you to take time out for an hour and afterwards you will feel reset and ready for the day.

You’re feeling flat…

Woken up feeling a little *meh* Massages mean aromatherapy oils a plenty and these magical oils have an uplifting effect. Just one reason to swap your morning coffee for a morning massage sesh.

Is that cellulite? *gasps*

It’s that time of year where it’s cold, it’s hailing then BOOM. It’s 24 degrees and it’s time to bare your legs and you haven’t looked at them in a year and those two gym sessions you did back in January seem to have given you cellulite (not the doughnut a day you’ve been treating yourself to). Regular massages boost your circulation and lymphatic drainage system and as a result you may find that your thighs look less orange peel-esque.

It’s basically a sneaky nap…

I love napping but there’s something very adolescent about it. But what if I told you that napping as an adult was totally possible without being judged at all. Sink into that massage bed and catch some much needed zzzzzs.

You’re experiencing your 457th cold this year…

Did you know that massages boost your immune system? Book one and your red and raw nostrils will thank you.

You can’t take your phone…

While I’m never going to get on board with a digital detox a massage means that your phone is surgically attached to your hand for 23 of 24 hours of the day.

You feel anxious…

If you suffer with anxiety, massage has be proven to recharge the nervous system and provide relief. However, I have found that they often make me feel more emotional directly after but a few hours later I’m feeling a lot more emotionally balanced. Just me?


Where to go: I recently was invited to Pout Beauty to enjoy a massage at their Chapel Allerton salon and my oh my was it a game changer. I arrived feeling sluggish, tired and stressed and left feeling relaxed and floppy and recharged. The massage beds are heated *applauds* and the therapist worked wonders on my tense back and shoulders. It was the perfect mid-week pick me up that I needed and I’ll definitely be booking another.

Have you been to Pout Beauty? Can you help me justify weekly massages? *flutters lashes*



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