Pampering Rituals: My Favourite Self Care Products

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If you read my latest post about anxiety and panic disorder (catch it here if you missed it), you will be familiar with my experience with wellness trends on my journey to find my inner calm. Out of all of the weird and wonderful and downright pricey things I tried, it was actually the simplest form of relaxation that had the best effect. A relaxing soak turned out to be more effective than an hour and a half of accupuncture, reiki and yoga combined. The key to creating the ultimate stress busting bath is using self care products that have an uplifting yet calming effect and I thought I would share the specific lotions, potions, salts and oils that I found worked their magic. And breathe…

Bath Oils: No bath is complete without some delicious smelling bath oil. Aromatherapy Associates is one of my all-time favourite bath and body brands. My bestie once bought me a gift set filled with mini bath oils and I’ve never looked back. The Deep Relax bath oil is like relaxation in a bottle and it’s potent formula helped me to de-stress and slip into a deep sleep. Don’t want to fall into a complete coma? Try the Light Relax version. Now. These oils aren’t cheap. AT ALL. They’re £49 a pop but you only need a little splash for a lot of relaxation benefits. The Deep Relax one is my favourite because it contains sleep inducing essential oils such as Sandalwood and Lavender and is designed to balance emotions. It is actually recommended for shock, panic attacks and insomnia and it’s won 10 beauty awards. Need I say more?

Shower and Bath Oil Minis: I was recently sent these wonderful mini bath and shower oils by Bodhi & Birch and they are the perfect size to take away with me when I travel. Self care is even more important when you are away from home so I always pack these little pots in my suitcase. I tend to use the renewing oil in the shower (it has the most amazing rose, lime and geranium scent) and the relaxing oil if the hotel I am in has a bath. The reviving one is my favourite out of the trio because it’s really uplifting and is great for those mornings when you need a little pick me up.

Essential Oils: My Mum bought me a book that taught me the specific aromatherapy oils that complement various ailments and Neroli and Geranium are ideal to reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety and stress.

Himalayan Bath Salts: When I need to relax I tend to swap bath bubbles for salts and oils and my favourite ones are the pink healing himalayan salts. You can buy the posh ones from Aromatherapy Associates or get the budget version from Home Bargains.

Magnesium Flakes: I became a little obsessed with magnesium flakes for a while. Not only are they great for soothing muscles after a workout but they are hugely theraputic. Win win. Magnesium also aids anxiety and lowers blood pressure. I was bought these as a gift and they are truly very fancy but you can also buy magnesium flakes in bulk at Home Bargains for £2.50 a pop.

Cosy Candles: No to clinical lighting and yes candle lit baths. Jo Malone are my candle of choice with Neom Organics coming a close second.

Room Fragrance and Pillow Sprays: Two of the things that kept popping up when researching calming, stress busting products was pillow sprays and so I added the Votary Lavender and Chamomile pillow spray to my basket. I loved the smell of this as it wasn’t too overpowering (lavender scents aren’t my fave) and a fine mist was all I needed to drift off to sleep. Another great product for home or away is a calming room fragrance. I have the restful and tranquil one by Aromatherapy Associates.

Rescue Remedies: This formula from This Works is great to stash in your handbag when you are on the go. Again it contains natural pure essentials oils so is very effective when it comes to regaining equilibrium. Apply it directly to pulse points. I take this on the plane with me. It’s great when you’re feeling a little anxious mid-flight.

Lotions and Potions: So once you’ve soaked for a good hour, watched a few episodes of Vanderpump Rules, it’s time to emerge sleepily and flip flop into bed. Not before a little more pampering though. I usually take this time to apply one of my favourite sheet masks and while that is working its magic I’ll moisturise. My skin always feels super soft from all of the oils and I’ll lock in the moisture with the Pomegranate and Argan Oil body lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn. I love this because it is fruity and spicy at the same time. The fragrance is fresh and the pomegranate hits you straight away but there is also a peppery finish with a hint of fig. There’s a lovely body wash to match too.

What are your favourite self care products?

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