Toast & Other Reasons Why I Love You

Diamonds, louboutins and baby blue boxes from Tiffany’s. What every girl wishes for on Valentines right? But what about toast in a heart shape? In my opinion toast in a heart shape is underrated in a big way. Especially when it is served in bed.

This small token of affection may not seem like a big deal but this is a giant leap in the right direction for a boy who is a bit rubbish at romance.

My boyfriend has to put up with a lot. Here is just a few examples:

The ridiculous hat:


Simon trying to pretend my hat is smaller. 

My cake obsession: I eat too much cake and one day I’m probably going to be a bit rounder. Simon understands that cake is necessary and sometimes even surprises me with some when I need it the most.

Deadline day cake. My favourite fondant fancie from Betty’s no less. 

My love of expensive holidays:


Simon’s a saver not a spender. When I suggest a holiday, he says Majorca and I say Miami. But he always lets me win.

Meet Simon.

A Term Used To Describe A Person Of Which Is A Figure Of Perfection.
The Term “Simon” May Be Used To Describe/Label, A Specific Analysis Of a Person, In A Positive Manner. Therefore The Word Simon Is Used Discreetly To Mean Perfection/Amazing/Awesome/One Hot Piece Of Ass.
“Golly Gosh, That Lad Over There Is A Bit Simon If I Do Say So Myself”

In my opinion every girl needs a Simon for Valentine’s Day. Or on a hot day when you need drinkables.


What did you get for Valentines?

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  1. February 15, 2012 / 11:19 am

    I don’t know what’s cuter; the toast, or the post about the toast. And whaddya know, it rhymes! xx

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